Taverna Etrusca

Taverna Etrusca sits in the corner of the splendid Preotorio Piazza, in the enchanting medieval town of Sovana, part of the Maremma Collinare.

The old thirteenth centuryPalazzo del Pretorio that houses Taverna Etrusca was carefully renovated so that the restaurant continues to reflect all the beauty and authenticity of the original structure.

Outside the coats of arms of the commissioners who ruled Sovana between 1484 and 1686 remain as symbols of the building’s illustrious past.

Inside the restaurant‘s atmosphere is intimate andrefined, while still maintaining the strong architectural elements of the 13th century through it’s exposed beams and terracotta floors.

Just off the main dining room is a small niche with one, very romantic table, allowing guests to dine in ultimate intimacy. During Spring and Summer, diners can enjoy the beautiful Tuscan weather on the alfresco terrace, where everything tastes better.

Lovely interior, good food, reasonable price for two dinners. Food was good and it was served by a very friendly waitress. There was an English version of the menu so ask if you need one…

pfeifavs7, TRIPADVISOR

How to delight your guests. The service was outstanding – the owner did everything he could to make us feel welcome including inviting us to have dinner on his private terrace…

francoberri, TRIPADVISOR