Thanks to the favourable geographic position of Sovana, which has inspired a cuisine that incorporates the gastronomy of regions like Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio, and the dedication of our chef, the first to participate in the 0km project, we can offer diners a traditional cuisine dedicated to using local fare.

The high quality of the Maremma Collinare countryside is the first guarantee of all local products.

The fertility of this land is what drew the ancient civilisations and Etruscans to this territory where today their descendants continue to farm the countryside.

The most popular products made with these locally sourced ingredients include cured meats, salami, cheesesand meats farmed in large open plots across the countryside. Among these high quality products are theApennines IGP lambs, DOP Cinta piglets, Maremmana DOP beef, the Sorano DOP Cannellini beans, the ricotta and the Pecorini cheeses.

– The Cinta Senese pigs are all raised and butchered on local farms.
– The wild game meats come from hunting grounds and not farms.
– The Apennines lambs are raised in the vast open farms of Virgilio Manini in Saturnia.
– The suckling piglets are raised in the open farms of Carlucci di Pitigliano.
– The leading cheeses used are produced on the farm of S.Quirico di Sorano and the dairy farm of Fiorucci di Pomonte di Manciano.
– The vegetables used are always seasonal and grown in our very own garden.

Some farms in the territory take part in the ‘Fattorie Didattiche’ or Educational Farms project. Those who are passionate about traditional gastronomy and rural life can spend an enjoyable day on the farm watching the local farmers as they take care of their produce.

Various educational itineraries allow you to get hands on insight into how milk goes from the cow to cheese or how grain goes from field to flour to homemade pasta.

All of the farm itineraries end with a vast spread of local products for you to enjoy after a hard day’s work.